The village is constructed on the site of an ancient fort built to thwart attacks by the French as early as 1545.Iit would most likely to have been a low earthworks fort to prevent beach landing by the French.Fears of another French invasion during the Napoleonic wars, the fort was rebuilt to include a moat,drawbridge and embrasures for 3 32 pounder guns.In the 1830s, it gained recognition as a semaphore station providing a part of the incredible link between forts mouth and London.
Lumps Fort, constructed between 1859 and 1869 for the defence of Portsmouth.By 1902 it was armed as a coastal battery with two 6-inch breech-loading (BL) Mk. IV guns. The guns were removed in 1906. The fort was rearmed in 1914 as a beach defence battery and mounted a 6-pounder Hotchkiss heavy anti-aircraft gun. It was demolished at the end of the First World War, although the outline survives.
In 1956 the site was transformed into Southsea Model village.


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