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Rooney's Blog

This is Rooney, our beloved village cat.


Rooney was found in a cardboard box in the car park near the entrance to the model village by the last owners. He's very happy here and well looked after- as you can tell by his shiny coat, relaxed manner and slight additional layer of insulation.

Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 16.55.58.png

Despite this, Rooney hasn't always had it easy; a couple of years ago he was attacked by some people who broke into the village at night... This did, however, lead to him becoming a bit of an internet sensation/ local celeb and even more popular with our visitors. If you see him when you visit, please be kind and gentle... and if you're really lucky, you might get close enough to give him a fuss!

As our number one V.I.P. (Very Important Puss), he has decided to write a blog to keep you all updated on his Very Important day-to-day activities. We hope you enjoy it...

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